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Providing Everything You Need From Business To Creating

1:1 Enquiry Form

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Private 1:1 Sessions

Offering not only physical 1:1 mentoring services in person but also online where I cover an array of subjects ranging from:  
How to prepare for Food Hygiene Visit
Central Dowling & Preparing Wedding Cake Tiers

I have a huge array of 1:1 sessions which I tailor to suit your exact requirements, so if you require help in creating the silkiest of butter creams or the sharpest of edges, please complete the adjoined contact form.


Parties Of Two

If you would like to pair up with a friend or family member for a smaller private lesson, I can cater for a maximum of two persons in my own working kitchen.

Here you can learn anything from decorating cupcakes or cookies, to finishing your cake creations in ganache.

For all enquiries, please complete the contact form adjoined. 


      Parties Of Two
       Enquiry Form

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      Pricing Course              Enquiry Form

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Pricing Course

If you struggle knowing not only 'how' to price your creations, but also 'how' to target your preferred audience, you need my pricing course.

My in person online course will take you through all the stages of pricing to ensure you are including everything you should be, plus a wage, & then guide you on to changing your mindset in order to target the audience you are aiming for.

For further information please complete the contact
form adjoined.

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